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Fostering opportunities for growth and potential

Leadership & life coaching for individuals and small businesses. 

Jenny Baker Coaching | Leadership & Life Coach | Squamish

I'm Jenny.

People describe me as a lot of things - direct, kind, caring, stubborn, determined, curious, organized, and honest. I am a mother, wife, friend, colleague, and family member. 


From a young age, I have been interested in supporting the people and communities around me to be healthy and happy. My passion for health led me to complete a doctorate degree in Health Sciences. With my formal education complete, I embarked on my consulting career in health and sustainability. I have had the opportunity to work with many different organizations and communities to solve problems and create change, while also using my leadership and communication skills to support my colleagues and clients. 

But where does coaching fit in?


In 2013, while completing my PhD I worked with a CTI Co-Active Coach, and immediately recognized the value of the coaching process and its results in my own life. I am so excited that after many years of considering coaching as a career path, I’ve made the leap to fulfill my goal. 


If you choose to work with me, I promise to show up without judgement, with grace and compassion, and a fun and playful attitude. I look forward to supporting you in identifying your goals, and keeping you accountable in achieving them - let’s work together to help you realize your potential.

What my clients are saying:

After my sessions with Jenny, my mood is positive, my confidence is 
high and I am clear on my next steps.  I am allowed to make my own decisions with gentle support from Jenny. 

1:1 Coaching Client  

I come to Jenny when I need to address a complex challenge. She is able to help me see many sides to an issue, and find my authentic path forward. 

Small Business Owner

Jenny has been wonderful in helping me navigate through the emotions of a potential job change, as well as the stress and guilt I have trying to balance work, being a wife, and a mother. She has helped me to see my strengths, my worth, and has taught me to utilize tools to understand my underlying emotions and how to move forward. 

1:1 Coaching Client 

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